Rugs Are An Investment, Almost Like Artwork

A woolen rug is not considered antique unless it was made before 1900. That’s because woolen rugs are made to last. When they are properly looked after they really can last longer than a life time.

Taking care of your rug

Looking after rugs includes more than just putting them on the floor and vacuuming them every now and again. There are a lot of things you can do to protect and look after rugs yourself.

Clearing up after any spills on them is one obvious way. How you clean up depends on the type of spill. Beer and Wine can be dealt with at home quite easily, but other things like blood, bleach and rust stains may need the skills of professional rug cleaning poughkeepsie ny.

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Putting a rug into storage

Before putting a rung into storage, it rug should be thoroughly cleaned first. If you do it yourself research proper techniques before you start. Make sure that the rug is dry. Once you are happy that it is dry, place the rolled carpet in either paper or canvas, but not plastic. The carpet can’t breathe in plastic. It should be stored standing upright and away from direct sunlight.

Rugs are an Investment

Think of your rug as if it was as a piece of art; in many ways it is. Carpets used to be so valuable they were hung on the walls.

Protecting a woolen carpet is protecting a valuable asset. A handmade rug especially will have taken hours to make and would be something that you would want to pass to your children. Making sure that you look after yours and keeping them stain and bug free as much as possible is a smart way of looking after your investment.